Online Weight Management Coaching Program

Duration: 4 weeks/4 sessions

Radiant Evolution Fitness LLC’s Weight Management Program is a 4 week program comprised of 4 sessions designed help relatively sedentary individuals (or people who wish to become more health conscious in general) begin to add enjoyable and healthy exercise and nutritional behaviors to their lifestyle in an effort to manage their weight and improve their overall health. This program is available in-person/at-home for those living in the DMV area and online those out of that range.

  • Week 1: Initial Consultation (60 minutes)

We work with our clients to understand what mental and physical blocks are preventing them from losing weight and sustaining weight-loss through cognitive behavioral coaching. We also work with them to design a long-term physical activity plan that suits their level, lifestyle, goals, and schedule.

  • Week 2: Follow-Up Session (60 minutes)

We’ll work with you finalize your workout plan and teach you all the exercises you’ll need to get the ball rolling on your own as well as assign “homework” to help both you and us to hold yourself accountable.

  • Week 3: Nutritional Consultation (60 minutes)

After analyzing known negative nutritional habits and behaviors that have proven detrimental to weight loss, we’ll use cognitive behavioral coaching to help our clients assess the origins of the behavior and its feelings and teach various neutralization techniques. We will also help clients to design their OWN eating plans and guidelines based on the nutritional guidelines.

  • Week 4: Nutritional Follow-Up Session (60 minutes)

We’ll go over and address any issues the client has been having sticking to the nutritional plan they created and make necessary adjustments as well as provide additional support where needed.

Also Included…

  • Weekly Workouts and Progressions/Regressions

Every week you will receive and appropriate workout for your program. Depending on your daily feedback, you workouts will progress or regress appropriately on a weekly basis. Workouts will be tailored toward your fitness and health goals.

  • Daily Exercise and Nutritional Coaching

Every single day while you are in the program, you will have the opportunity to send us feedback on your eating and exercise habits or we will follow-up with you for such information to help YOU ensure YOU adhere to your program and see results! We will offer advice on exercise modifications if necessary and also help you to make nutritionally sound decisions when it comes to food.


$200 (for 4 sessions)