Online Small Group Training (2-4 people)

  • Free 30 min Consultation

First, we will start by gathering information about everyone’s health history, recommendations from their physicians, physical therapists, and register dietitians, evaluate everyone’s goals, and begin to create an individualized fitness and nutritional plan based on as many commonalities as possible. A few physical assessments will also take place and we will gather everyone’s starting body metrics. This will take place on Zoom.

  • Weekly Zoom Workout Session(s)

Workout sessions will be held via Zoom call as well. Workouts will be personalized and based on the equipment you all initially have readily available at home. Depending on your current equipment inventory, you may be asked to purchase additional exercise equipment to better facilitate reaching your goals from home. Workouts will push everyone to achieve their personal fitness goals, while simultaneously incorporating corrective exercise and mobility routines.

  • Weekly Check-ins (Weight, measurements, food log, etc)

After the initial consultation, you all will be asked to keep and share a food log between the entire group. This food log each one of you records will detail any and everything you eat. We will monitor that to help you ensure you’re meeting your nutritional goals, starting with recommendations for caloric and protein intake. We will also be asking for current weight, and various body measurements to ensure you’re all tracking in the right direction. Based on that information, we will work with each one of you to adjust your calories and macronutrient distribution (carbs, fats, and protein) as often as necessary.

  • Daily Accountability Checks

On a daily basis, we will be checking in with the group to ensure you all are completing any additional workouts or mobility work asked of each of you. This will give us the opportunity to make adjustments to your workout program based on your feedback and you all the ability to ask any questions you may have.


30 min Sessions: $20/session/person

60 min Sessions: $25/session/person