The “5-6-7 Rule for Physical Fitness”

Everyone knows I don’t like making rules when it comes to physical fitness, yet here I am… It’s not really a rule so much as a guideline, but “5-6-7 Rule” rolled off the tongue so much better than the “5-6-7 Guideline.” Basically I wanted to create a small set of rules that people could easily follow that would make a tremendous difference in their fitness results. I don’t believe in fitness/diet rules that restrict, but I do believe in ones that mold and add to your current fitness/diet lifestyle. Here they are:

  • Plan your meals 5 days a week.
  • Make time for exercise 6 days a week.
  • Eat at least 7 fruits and vegetables each day and drink at least 7 glasses of water each day.

It’s that simple! Obviously you can expand on these rules as much as you need to get them to work for you fitness/diet lifestyle. For instance, I would adjust my exercise rule to be more specific by saying, “Make time for 30 minutes of exercise 6 days a week and remember to rest 1 day a week.” That’s literally what that rule translates to for me. For you it might be something different and that’s perfectly OK. My goal is for getting and being fit to feel good as a lifestyle decision for you all. It shouldn’t be overly complicated and you should be able to make adjustments depending on what your life throws at you.


This one just means to have and idea of what you plan on eating for the day and sticking with it. That’s it. You could meal prep, you could eat in, you could even eat out. I just find that when an individual takes time to think about what they’re going to eat for the day with a level head, they’re more likely to make healthy choices when making food selections. If someone is suddenly expected to make a decision, they’re more likely to choose the first thing that appeals to them, whatever that may be. Mitigate that anxiety as much as possible by taking the time to mull over what you’re planning on eating for the day ahead of time.


Exercise can be any type of movement. It can be as simple as a 5 minute intentional walk. What sets exercise apart from regular movement is the “intention” to exercise. That’s right, it’s your brain. In learning to exercise more and maintain an exercise habit, it’s always good to announce your intention to do something that is just for you. Regular movement is oftentimes done for the sake of others, but exercise.. That’s something you do just for yourself. Make it a habit by doing it six days a week. The reason I selected “6” for this “rule” was because it is so important to make time for RESTING. Yes, built into the “5-6-7 Rule for Physical Fitness” is the hidden need to take an intentional rest every six days. Honor it. Your body will thank you later.


This “rule” was the hardest for me to make, and probably the most difficult one people are going to be able to keep up with. However, as I always say, fitness “rules” are more like “guidelines” anyway. The “7” number I came up is pretty much arbitrary. I don’t know your nutritional history and habits. You might need more than seven of any of these things each day just to stay afloat. That’s precisely why, I encourage you all to take ownership of these guidelines. I can’t tell you exactly what to do if it doesn’t make you happy or work with your lifestyle.

Healthy fitness and diet regimens are not meant to be painful. They’re meant to be a fun and sustainable part of your life. Make these “rules” or “guidelines” work for you in any way you can think of! And, remember, no judgement!

Author: Coach Robyn J.

All great things start with a leap of faith.

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