Weekly Workout I

As you all know, one of the reasons I’ve been working on this blog is to further work towards a career in fitness as well as mental health. A part of me achieving that goal is becoming a certified personal trainer. Things are going really great and I want to work towards incorporating the things that I’ve been learning in this blog and share that with you as I go on. It’s basically my exercise journal and it’ll help me keep track of what I WANT to do and remind me to change things up so I don’t get bored. Also, I want to keep track of my lessons learned or the thinking that went into this workout design. I might do periodic updates on what worked and what didn’t. That’ll mainly show up in the Weekly Lessons Learned entries, though, so stay tuned!

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 30 min treadmill HIIT at lunch time (3.5mph = walking, 5.5mph = base, 7mph = push, 8.5 = all-out, 1 min base, 1 min push, 1 min walk, 1 min all-out, repeating)

Tuesday/Thursday: 30 min meditation walk at lunch time & 15 mins resistance training after work (legs on Tuesday/Arms on Thursday)

Saturday/Sunday: Rest days


  • Do HIIT (high intensity interval training) every other day as to not strain yourself.
  • Eat Breakfast for more energy later in the day for workouts.
  • Workout in the middle day rather than first thing in the morning, so you can get enough sleep and embrace that afternoon sun.
  • Take at least one natural rest day.
  • Saturday is an “active” rest day in the sense that I won’t be working out specifically, but I will be moving around a lot (traveling).
  • It’s better to ease into resistance training if you haven’t been doing it for awhile.

Author: Coach Robyn J.

All great things start with a leap of faith.

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